World Championship for Disabled 2017 in Kanjiza, Serbia

World Championship for Disabled 2017 in Kanjiza, Serbia

Saturday morning 3 June at 4 we headed towards Serbia with an intermediate stop in Hungary.

Sunday morning after breakfast we headed for Kanjiza. After having left our things in the hotel we went to explore the water. As this wasn’t the Tisa in Kinjiza as announced in the programme, but a small river 9km from Kanjiza, it took some time to find it. Monday, the first day of training, there wasn’t much to catch except for catfish and some small carps. During the next days of training there wasn’t a major improvement in the catch. In the meantime, we kept our ear to the ground with the competition and things weren’t much better there. After testing several concoctions of the feed, we decided that 2kg turbo +2 kg G-5 came out best.

Friday, the first day of the competition: Tom on A-9, Stephane on B-2, Dominique on C-5 and Paul on D-7, which resulted in the following score: 4-4-2-3, which gave us second place in the team placings after Italy and in front of Croatia. Only drawing a bad lot could keep up from the stand.

Saturday morning at 6.30 after the draw and to the water with a bad lot. Only one good place and three lesser ones. Paul on A-9, Dominique on B-3, Stephane on C-4 and Tom on D-9.  After the good result of the first day, we also didn’t change the composition of the feed. After the first hour we were still on schedule when it came to catches, the second and third hour weren’t so good, only Tom who was on D-9 continued to catch well. Dominique had to hand over two fat carps during the last half hour. The result on the second day was 4-6-10-1 after which the counting could begin. Just like last year, we were with two teams who fought for third place and yes, this time fortune smiled upon us. We beat Hungary with the weight and thus won the bronze medal per team. Tom was 2 grams short to get individual bronze. Everyone was pleased with this result and we are already looking forward to next year in Croatia.

I hereby want to thank everyone for their help, Pascal, Gino, Bruno, Ivan, Romain and specially the ladies who always had a snack for us after fishing.

The sponsors too, as it’s impossible to go to a world championship without them.

Van den Eynde, Maver, Easy Fish, Sportvisserij Vlaanderen, Hengelzaak Girisport Torhout, Hengelsport De Wedstrijdvisser Ieper and the Walloon wing for lending us their van.

The Coach,
Ronny Dejonghe