Supercup is a bait which has proved its worth for a long time now. Not just here in Belgium, but all over Europe. It is specifically in England that this Supercup bait has been widely used at all sorts of natural waters, mainly along the canals.

Supercup has a light and cloudy structure and is therefore mainly meant for luring smaller fish like the common roach and the sprat. Because of these above-mentioned features, it is best not to use supercup in deep waters with a strong current. It is also the perfect ‘’starters’’’ product. The bait’s operation is noticed by fish swimming in the area, luring them automatically to your feeding spot.

Here are a few bait recipes which have often proven their value in the past and in which supercup plays an important role:

2 kg secret + 1 kg supercup + 1 bag of rotaugen

2 kg Turbo + 1 kg supercup + 1 bag of bream caramel

1 kg secret + 1 kg supercup +  1 kg DS feeder