Bream time or dreame time?

Bream time or dreame time?

Slowly but surely the season is in full swing again, temperatures are finally going up, mating season is coming to an end and fish start feeding again!

Here is my tip to keep fish at your location for ponds with a swampy bottom!

2x Catch,1x Turbo,1x Supercup,200gr bream white.

  1. Use Supercup and add 2.5l of water to make a paste;
  2. Mix Catch - turbo & bream white thoroughly;
  3. Add half of this last mixture (2) to the paste and stir well, let rest for quarter of an hour and then add the rest of the dry mixture
  4. Mix thoroughly, let it rest for a bit, add live bait and it’s done!


Go and catch them all!