Method mix classic in Romania

Method mix classic in Romania

My articles are usually very long and rich in text, but for this occasion I decided to keep it on the down side of words and concentrate on the photos.

For this fishing trip I chose a lake near Cluj-Napoca, the city where I live, in the heart of Transylvania. If you never heard about Cluj-Napoca or Transylvania it is fine, you might know it as the home of Dracula.

Apart from the Dracula stories I decided to take a short trip to this lake in order to try and catch some carp and carassio. For this reason I chosen to use the method feeder as my technique and Van den Eynde Super Method Feeder Classic as my groundbait.

What impressed me the most was the groundbait. I must admit it was the first time I ever used this type of groundbait and I can only say WOW !!!

The main characteristic of this groundbait is that is it not your usual method feeder groundbait. Here in Romania we are used to use very fine groundbait when method fishing. Instead, Van den Eynde Super Method Mix Classic has bigger particles of different types of grain like corn, hemp, linen, etc. This cereal grain aroma is very well balanced by the fishmeal which does not cut the aroma but preserves it.

Although the Super Method Mix has lots of medium and large particles, the binding properties of this groundbait ensure a steady, firm bind on the method feeder or inside the cage feeder.

Combined with other types of carp groundbait it can be used very easily for carp fishing on the pole or any other float fishing style. If you add sweetcorn and pellets it will be a deadly weapon in any carp and carassio fishing.

Depending on the quantity of added water we can have a result a medium heavy groundbait or an extra heavy and binding one. If you take this factor into consideration, the mixing of the groundbait is very easy. You will only have to follow a few easy steps. First of all if you are using a modern method feeder you should run the groundbait through a riddle in order to eliminate the corn flakes. Of course you can leave them in if you chose to do so. The groundbait itself is sticky enough to remain in the method feeder until it settles on the bottom. After you performed this action, just add water patiently and thoroughly mix the groundbait with your fingers or with a drilling machine and whisk.

After this first wave of water, leave the groundbait rest and prepare your gear. After approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on the temperature, check the mix and add water again. Normally by now the groundbait should be almost dry as the particles are absorbing the water. At this stage you can add powder additives in order to make it even more tempting for the fish. Once this second stage is done, give the mix another 20 minutes of rest, then add more water if it is required.

Mixing this groundbait is kids play. As long as you do not over wet it during the first or second stage, you will end up with a superb grounbait. It can also be mixed the night before to obtain a “dead” mix.

The fishing day was a bit short due to the rain that was threatening us. Beside the atmospheric pressure changed dramatically, and the fish backed off and stopped feeding.

I can hardly wait for the next fishing trip to test this perfect groundbait again!!!

See you soon!!!