Canal Fishing

Canal Fishing

Marcel always had a basic recipe, and for the deeper Belgian canals he used this recipe : damp leam + secret + canal + bream caramel.

Damp leam is a carefully chosen soil that will make your mixture heavier and without adding any nutritional value. Secret is a product that has been used for generations to make your mixture sticky and heavier. Secret is a bottom groundbait that breaks down slowly in the first stage, but lasts a long time afterwards.

Canal is a heavy and great bottom groundbait with the characteristics that it is still rich in protein, so fish will show interest in this bait thanks to this element. Canal has a vanilla scent and has a fine structure, making it suitable for use on almost any canal.

By combining these three products, your bait mixture will reach the bottom faster and better, without losing a lot of particles when descending or flowing away in the descent due to possible current.

As groundbait for bream and roach in deep, fast-flowing water: 2 kg canal + 2 kg secret + 250 gram bream caramel; must be mixed well and moistened in 3 times.

Maggots and casters must be added afterwards in such a way that you can still make balls. The groundait balls should not be made in advance because they will loosen due to the maggots wriggling. The balls must be formed and thrown in one go. This is how a good fishing swim is created. When the fish arrive, one-handed feeding can still be done.

Tip for the summer period: Replace Bream Caramel for M's secret.