Standing water - more roach targeted

Standing water - more roach targeted

A combination for more fast fishing: 1 kg Secret + 1 kg feeder Mystery Red + 1 kg Formula M Roach + 0.5 kg DM + 1 packet of Roach additive + 1 can of cooked hemp.

The above combination is perfectly usable on slow to light running water (or Canal) with a depth of 2-3 meters. It is also an ideal mix for the more and more popular’ edge ‘’ fishing or in other words an ideal margin mix. For deeper water it is best to add leam.

Damp leam can always be used if the fishing conditions allow it (winter, fast running water,…). It will not only sink your groundbait faster ( that your groundbait does not end up with the neighbour or is carried along by the current), but once down, it will also break up your grounbait quickly open and last, but not least, (especially) in winter to “impoverish” your composition, less nutritional value makes the fish less saturated!

Secret 1 kg, which serves as a binding (read: sticky !) Agent ensures that the mixture lasts sufficiently longer.

Feeder Mystery Red is a commonly used composition in feeder fishing, and is therefore not very heavy in itself, but can be used perfectly in other fisheries. Mystery red contains quite a lot of paprika and this gives the typical red color to the product. Paprika is a spice that will always flavour your bait mixture well and has a very attractive effect on all silver fish species (Carp anglers know why ... !!!!).

As the last product we choose Formula M Roach, which in itself is a very light groundbait that roach love (and not least the large ones!). Naturally light green to brownish in color, Formula M Roach has a very special, herbaceous scent, many active ingredients and therefore also an optimal attraction for roach. Despite its very fine structure, this mixture contains specific protein components that smaller fish will recognize as a food source.

DM works particularly for roach due to the clouding effect above the bottom and which is very interesting for feeding fish.

This composition of listed  groundbaits is rather specifically aimed at catching roach, a proven recipe and who wants to add some extra spicy herbs for the larger ones, we still have our widely acclaimed ‘’ Rotaugen ‘’. Without this Marcel never went fishing!

Extra tip 1 (which should actually be missing from roach groundbait): Adding 1 can of boiled hemp and 1 hand crushed casters under your mixture will keep the fish preying on your feeding area.

Extra tip 2: always keep enough groundbait after a heavy feeding moment and then regularly throw 1 small groundbait ball with 1 hand that is slightly less squeezed.