Canal Fishing

Canal Fishing

A combination for deeper water with a strong current: (2 kg Damp leam), 2 kg Record gold + G5 special + Bream white 

Damp leam can be used if the fishing conditions allow it (eg hard current), it will improve your groundbait  composition (so that the fish is not quickly full) and it will also sink the groundbait balls faster so that they will break up in the right place.

Record gold 2 kg is an all round, ready-to-use groundbait for both roach and bream waters. Record gold is usually used when roach fishing emerges on the canals (EU types) and certainly in combination with G5 special. In general, the “Record” products are all heavy groundbai types and can best be mixed with maggots, casters or Bloodworm and joker. The record baits are slow-acting and long-lasting. Record gold has a coarse structure that allows you to catch the big fish.

G5 special is a slightly lighter groundbait ideal for roach fishing. This feed stems from the successful formula of the well-known G5, but to which, among other things, a lot of herbs have been added, which makes it special and is certainly appreciated by (big) roach. Thanks to G5, the mixture will always have a little more effect, which will quickly attract the roach to your swim.

Bream white is a less well-known additive and as its name suggests, this product is very effective in attracting silverfish such as roach but certainly also bream. In this mixture we choose bream white because in the colder period of the year the flavoring that gives bream white fits well with this mixture. Bream white is made of herbs, but due to the intensity of the product it is difficult to give it one distinct scent. You can safely replace bream white with: Anise, Coriander, Fennel or rotaugen special.

Extra tip: wet in 3 times, mix well and riddle through if necessary. The particles that remain on the sieve can be submerged in an extra jar. Once all the particles are soft, sieve them and mix them in your bait along with your live bait.

Extra tip: If you choose to use Bloodworm and joker as live bait,  throw the groundbait  all at once. When adding maggots or casters, throw the groundbait for 50 % and add a handful of groundbait regularly (not squeezed to hard)

And don't forget to mix a can of cooked hemp with the groundbait !!!!!