the preparation of your bait

the preparation of your bait

First of all you’ll need a basin or a bucket you can prepare your bait in. It is very important that it all gets distributed properly so you can mix all your different components perfectly. It is better, therefore, to use two buckets rather than one.  

Add all your components together in the bucket and then mix them all dry. Nowadays you can see many anglers use a drill (with a sort of guard) when mixing their feed. Because of the high revs/min. the mixture is perfect.

You cannot prepare bait in 2 minutes. It is important to not moisten the bait more than how you eventually want to use it. Dry feed ingredients do need some time to absorb the added water so after you’ve moistened your bait for the first time it will take 5 to 10 minutes for everything to be ‘dried in’.

At that time you add some more water, again as much as is needed for the bait to feel ready for use after moistening it a second time. The ingredients will still absorb water and again after 5 to 10 minutes you will notice that your bait will feel a bit drier.

Again you add some water, again enough for the bait to feel ready for use. Usually, bait should now remain sufficiently moist. That partly depends also on the sort of bait you’re using.

You’ll find that for some feed you need to add some more water because some ingredients tend to absorb more water.

It is very important that all the water is mixed as well as you can with your bait. Nearly always (and this happens more when feed is prepared with your ‘bare hands’ than with a drill) there are some bait parts which are more moist than others and they will form ‘lumps’. We recommend therefore to always sieve your feed before using it.

So now everything is perfectly mixed and ready for use.