Valere’s story

Valere’s story

Dear match anglers and fishing lovers,

After winning the Open 2000 Ile de Monsin this magazine asked me to say a little word about the Van Den Eynde baits. It would, of course, be my pleasure!

As an experienced match and competition angler, I have been using the VDE baits for more than 20 years now.

On slowly flowing waters like the Albert canal, I prefer Turbo and Secret. To that I add 500g brown breadcrumbs and 500g pigeon droppings. It may sound strange, but it really is a successful formula!

I mainly use this composite for common roach. I also add 200g Rotaugen Special to it.

For strongly flowing waters such as the river Maas I prefer to use Big roach or Record Gold instead of Turbo. To this strongly flowing waters formula I add 250g Bream.

As you can see, I only use high quality basic feed, with a few additives mixed in. Success guaranteed!

Kind sporting regards, 

Elsen Valere