Bert gives a few tips

Bert gives a few tips

Feed used at Ketelmeer:

6kg G5

2kg supercup

2kg supercrack bream yellow

4 teaspoons super sweet

Corn Liquid booster

A few cans of hemp & krill

A few cans of maize

This is sufficient for 4 5h matches with feeder.

The idea behind it is:

-G5 as neutral basis, ideal for nearly every kind of natural water such as the Ketelmeer. Sometimes there is even quite a bit of flow because of the IJssel mouth. You cannot predict flow or catch and you can expect everything and anything. You can find bream, roach and ide in all sizes. That is why I do not prepare feed specifically aimed at 1 sort of fish when I go fishing there.

-Supercup to attract fish as quickly as possible at the start of the match.

-Supercrack bream yellow and super sweet because mainly during the last few hours bream is often the main fish.

-Corn Liquid booster partially goes first in the water I moisten my bait with and sometimes I add it neat to the bait during the match in order to keep my bait sufficiently moist. This all depends on the heat, casters’ water and whether I have to cut many worms or not.…

-Hemp & krill to be able to select beautiful roach. Half a can beforehand with the bait, and when there is plenty of roach to be caught, now and again a full basket with loads of hemp in it.

-Maize for when there are many roach and bream feeding at the location because maize will help you to fish more selectively for bream. I also tend to crush ½ can of maize very fine beforehand which I then mix with the feed. And during fishing, regularly feed a basket with some maize.