Ground leam *new 2024*

Ground leam *new 2024*

This kind of earth is probably used most in the sport of fishing for several purposes.

we also offer the moist loam in a red version


  • Ideal for making bait heavier
  • Very good texture
  • Does absorb plenty of water
  • Is not nutritious
  • Degreasing live bait
  • Absorbs bad aromas
  • To be combined with additives (super sweet, bream caramel, coriander and fennel, tutti frutti)
  • Enriched with live bait


Leem Gemalen/Argile Moulue/Ground Leam/Boden Lehm



Leem Gemalen/Argile Moulue/Ground Loam/Boden Lehm



Leem Gemalen rood/Argile Moulue rouge/Ground Loam red/Boden Lehm Rot