Dino Paste

Dino Paste

This is an ideal product to go paste fishing, the recipe has been developed in such a way that you can prepare it, one on one, 1 part product and 1 part wate. You just need to wait 5 minutes and its ready. The hookpaste is made with only pellets of high quality.

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  • Has a greater bonding strength than the hookpaste 250GR
  • Based on specially selected protein-rich pellets
  •  Perfect base to further add a fragrance / taste or color of your choice
  •  Due to its low weight and high solubility it forms a feed track which attracts fish from far away
  •  contains fish meal of the highest quality
  •  Contains water-soluble appetite stimulant for cyprinids

If you want to accentuate the scent more, you can simply add the corresponding additive  (additivesconcentratesstimulators

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Dino Paste