Feeder Mystery Red 1/2

Feeder Mystery Red 1/2

Our feeder Mystery red is an all-round bait that is ideal for species such as roach, tench and other species.

It is a widely used for feeder fishing and is not very heavy but can be used perfectly with other methods of fishing. Mystery red contains quite a lot of paprika and this gives it the typical red colour to the product. Paprika is a herb that will always flavour your mix well and is very attractive to all  silverfish species (Carp anglers know why ... !!!!).

Do you like fishing for tench? We have put a 1/2 number on the packaging, this refers to the combination with our feeder cheese and garlic. If you mix these two products you get a very tasty mix (if you like a cheese scent), which is appreciated by the tench.

Do you enjoy fishing on carp water? Then be sure to try the mix with our Expanda Gold and the VDE elite 3 mm pellet! The combination with fishmeal and paprika will certainly not ignore the carp.

Are you curious about a roach recipe with this product? Be sure to take a look at our favourite products on our website for more information.

As you can read, this basic product will certainly not let you down!


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Feeder Mystery Red 1/2



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