Method Mix Sweet Fishmeal

Method Mix Sweet Fishmeal

It's not for nothing that our new Method Mix is called Method Mix Sweet Fishmeal. It is rich in fishmeal containing products specially selected by us. It has a very fine structure and is a high-quality method Mix that absorbs a lot of water due to its high fishmeal content, so it is recommended to wet several times.

** On 1kg of method mix, half a litre of water is ideal. Best in wetting the mix twice, 15 minutes apart. A tip on how to estimate whether your feed is ready? If you can make a ball that comes loose just as quickly you make the ball, the mix is ready for use.

Due to its dark character, the mix can be used in shallow and deeper water. You can also use the Method Mix Sweet Fishmeal in other disciplines, making the mix a real all-rounder with an eye on Commercial fishing. The mix can be used mainly for carp and bream on the commercials.

Our Method mix Sweet Fishmeal variant mainly responds to commercials that more need a sweet touch. Some carp and bream can appreciate this sweet touch on some days and therefor this product give you the necessary extra attraction to do just that and make the difference.

You can easily combine the Method mix Fishmeal per 1kg, adding a 200 gram elite pellets 3mm. Please note, it is best to prepare the pellets separately. Soak for 2 or 3 minutes, drain, and add to the mix.

As an extra tip, don't forget our Sinking crumbs, they provide a nice colour palette which can ensure that the fish will be less suspicious of your possibly coloured hookbait, like our Dumbells.

Second tip: For targeting bigger fish, use the liquid booster Shell Fish or Meat by adding some to the  water of your groundbait. If you want to use a liquid booster for more all-round fishing, it is best to use Liquid booster Chocolate, Scopex, or Syrup. Add Simply 1 Lid of Liquid booster for each 50 gram of products to your preparation water (our Liquid boosters are quite strong but you are free to add more).