Crushed Pellet Mix

Crushed Pellet Mix

We have developed a product for popular commercial fisheries that can be used for various methods.

The crushed pellet mix contains high-quality pellets, fishmeal, a little bit of meat meal (which smells quite a bit) and it is kept quite coarse by leaving a few whole pellets in it. The anglers can decide for themselves whether he wants to fish with a coarse mix or not and prefers to riddle out the coarser particles.

The mix is fairly easy to use, and you can wet it the evening before fishing and let it rest in a cool place. You can also prepare it perfectly an hour before fishing. ** Add +/- 0.5 L of water to 1 kg crushed pellet mix, which is best made wet in three parts. Let the mix rest for a while per moistening session. The intact pellets that are present in the mix will be completely soft after 30 to 40 minutes.

It certainly does well in the slightly colder period of the year, but can be used perfectly in the summer period.

The product is certainly suitable for use with the method, but then it is best to riddle out the coarse parts out (but you don't have to).

Extra: for fishing for larger fish, you can use our Liquid booster Shell Fish or Meat. You can simply add our liquid booster to the water you want to use to finish your bait/pellets. If you want to use a liquid booster for more all round fishing, it is best to use the Liquid booster Chocolate, Scopex or Syrup.

Simply add 1 cap of liquid booster per hand of food/pellets (+/- 50 gram  product) to your mixing water (our Liquid boosters are quite strong, but if you notice that the smell can be stronger, you can always add more) .