Formule M Roach

Formule M Roach

We have been looking for a composition for the increasingly popular winter fishing on canals for some time. These contain a lot of roach in the colder months

Marcel kept a text book, and in this booklet the composition of a roach formula was written down. We could also read the first test results in his booklet where he quickly got fish in his swim and did not stop catching until 4 hours of continuous roach fishing! So we had to test this.

Our results were very good, and that this product was launched in 2019 under the obvious name Formula M Roach! Formula with reference to the notebook, M by Marcel and Roach to the typical roach fished.

This groundbait therefore meets all requirements for winter fishing:

- Dark without colour addition!
- Fine texture with no rich ingredients so as not to saturate the fish quickly
- Attractive due to specific bitter taste and herbs
- Light, little adhesive to use on soft soil

Tip: for big roach, prepare this groundbait at least a few hours or the evening before so that most of the active particles are gone. This also has the advantage of being able to quickly start fishing on the bank without the fingers getting stiff from the cold.

A) Still water + canals: 0.5 kg DM + 1 kg formula M Roach + 0.5 Turbo + 0.5 Black earth + 100 gram Rotaugen special

1) Pigeon shi# in case of dry (DM) pour hot water with 200ml Liquid Aroma Molasses and let it cool down. Anyone who can still get fresh pigeon shi# remains an advantage ....

We add one part of the Formula M Roach to this paste (may run smoothly), mix well and let it rest again for a while. Personally, I do this the evening before fishing and in the morning before leaving for water, continue with step 2

2) Now we mix in the "black earth" and Turbo (of each half the amount of Formula M used), add some water if necessary.

3) Before we leave for going to the water add 100g Rotaugen Special while mixing (in the meantime we also have a Formula M Herbs on the market where this step is no longer necessary)

4) Before feeding another can of hemp while mixing together with a handful of bait (dead maggots, casters)

B) Slow running water:

Same as above but in step 2 replace the black earth with Terre De Fond and also add a part of Secret
Golden tip: Always take a bag of Bentonite with you to the water, when using a lot of maggots, the adhesive strength can quickly decrease and this bait does not hit the bottom. Just a cloud of Bentonite through the groundbait will quickly solve this problem!

Be sure to take a look at videos (Roach fishing Dender: Canal Belgium) for even more tips!


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