This groundbait is created for the Italian market and in particular for Ostelato – a stationary canal 70 m wide and about 2.5 m deep. This high quality bait is used by the Italian angler to fish at a long distance about 60 to 65 meters, it has the capacity of staying closed during slingshot shooting, once in the water it immediately forms a cloud, breaks open and in this way brings the live bait to the desired distance.

Due to its special aroma and ingredients it also attracts fish quite quickly and can successfully use it in our stings for fishing small carp, carassio, bream and roach on similar non-floating waters.

Tip: for fishing in still water for roach and bream with maggots – casters – mosquito larvae.

1 kg Skimmer Mix + 1 kg catch + 500 grams chapelure + 1 bag Bream Caramel. 1 hour before the start moisten in three times, add mosquito larvae 5 minutes before the start and throw everything on your fishing spot. If you are only fishing with maggots and casters, feed half of them and regularly supplement with a small hand.



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