One of the older products in our range is SUPERCUP and has been developed in part thanks to Jean Coolens in the 80’s, a former Belgian champion after winning the Supercup trophy twice.

The Super Cup groundbait is a light brown feed and has a varied effect that can quickly attract large and small fish, such as roach and bream during difficult periods. The bait can therefore be used during the summer as well as during the winter months.

You can use this bait pure with maggots and casters, or mix the bait 1 on 1 with leam and small fresh bloodworm and joker. Super cup absorbs a lot of water and can therefore swell considerably. It is usually sufficient to moisten 2 kg of Super Cup in three stages, and to mix about 2 kg of moist loam + 800 gr of  joker.

A large part has to be fed five minutes before the start of the match. When the fish do not bite, you can regularly feed them in small helpings .

Supercup is also ideal for luring fish to the surface.

 Be careful when fishing with maggots and casters, no clay is added.

 Partly thanks to this feed, the well-known English fisherman, BOB NUDD, was voted best national match angler in 1986.

 Supercup can be made heavier with Secret, Beet or Kastaar.

 TIP: Supercup is ideal for feeder fishing as this bait will spread immediately as soon as it enters the water. Due to its special effect and aroma, Super Cup attracts fish from a great distance. Regular additional feeding at the same place is required



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