Expanda caramel

Expanda caramel

Our Expanda range of Carpmaster products are made from hig quality crushed expanders. They contain a lot of fishmeal and other protein sources, therefore they are immediately attractive to the larger bream and carp.

Our Expanda fishmeal is our base and all other types are only enriched with flavour. In our Expanda range there is one product that sticks more than the others, namely, the Expanda Protein. The protein that we use herein produces a higher binding power.

Expanders are products that expand due to production pressure, hence the word expander. The producs will therefore become larger as a result of the process and at the same time also lighter in weight. If you want to fish with expander groundbaits, you have to take these properties into account.

Our Expanda range has been developed in such a way that it has a good binding properties, just enough for the expanders to do their job. The crushed expanders will allow your mix to break up easily, which is a crucial feature for fine-tuning your fishing and groundbait. Make sure to prepare the Expanda range in three stages, as they absorb a lot of water.

You can use our Expanda range on almost all waters where the fishmeal products work (Canal, river and lakes). They can also be used across all disciplines, pole fishing, paste fishing,  feeder, method etc..

In Belgium, we do note that the fish have taste preferences, for example we noted that in Ghent Terneuzen the Expanda Tutti Frutti does well in the warmer seasons and the Expanda Big Fish cannot be resisted in lakes.

With Expanda fishmeal or Caramel you can use anywhere. For the more difficult fisheries = Expanda Garlic. Do you prefer a sweeter product? = Expanda strawberry? A skimmer water? Expanda tutti frutti will help you shine

It is absolutely clear that this range is an ideal all-rounder that you can use on its own, but can also safely combine with:

yellow  lake1 kg + Expanda (type)
Crushed Pellet Mix 1 kg + Expanda Fishmealmeal 1 kg
Pro pellet feed 1 kg + Expanda Big fish 1 kg
Ideal paste combination: Dino paste 1 kg + Exapdana Protein 1 kg (watch the videos for more tips)
Hi Pro carp yellow 1 kg + Expanda Strawberry 1 kg
Hi pro carp white 1 kg + Expanda Tutti frutti 1 kg
Supercarp strawberry 1 kg + Expanda big fish 1 kg



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Our range contains:


Carpmaster Expanda Caramel



Carpmaster Expanda Strawberry 



Carpmaster Expanda Big Fish 


*30022 Carpmaster Expanda Tutti Frutti  1kg/12
*30023 Carpmaster Expanda Protein  1kg/12
*30024 Carpmaster Expanda Fishmeal  1kg/12
*30037 Carpmaster Expanda Garlic 1kg/12